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By Claire, 2 days ago

"Have had one of the new Essentials grocery boxes delivered today and in the current climate this was a godsend! Would highly recommend this service - I received 2 boxes containing fresh fruit & veg, bread, pasta, eggs and milk. I can’t wait to dig into some ‘gold dust’ pasta tonight! Thank you so much!"

By Julie, 3 days ago

"I took delivery of their essentials box . I was very impressed. The produce was very good quality, much better than other similar boxes I have had. Their service was excellent. I immediately ordered one for next week. I would highly recommend this service."



By Sharon, 5 days ago

"I am so happy!! I received my Food Essentials Box today!! Everything was fresh and lovely! Quality food! Thank you for the service you provide at this difficult time. The anxiety of going to the supermarket with a 9yr old child was too much for me. This has relieved it so much, you have no idea!! Stay blessed. Love and peace."

Message from our CEO, Matt Connelly

Prior to Covid 19 our IHI (ihateironing) drivers completed 25,000 dry cleaning and laundry collections and deliveries each month. Suddenly we lost 70% of our business almost over night.

We used to get the most beautiful box of fruit delivered to our office each week and when I spoke to the Director of that company I found out he solely delivered to offices and had lost 85% of his business overnight as well. Within a week we agreed partnerships with a number of amazing businesses that supplied London's top restaurants and offices who no longer had a customer base.

Together with our new partners we are helping people to stay home and get the food they need while keeping our businesses from failure during the crisis.

By choosing our food boxes you are helping to keep our small independent businesses operating, our drivers and team working during a very difficult time.

So thank you for helping us help you. 

Stay safe

Matt Connelly

(Founder & CEO)